Lois Dean (digital 12" single)

by Sam Poetry

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After a special woman gave me the record collection of her late mother "Lois Dean" I decided to pay tribute to her mother to show my appreciation. This song is also the first single off of my debut album entitled "No Place Like Home"-Sam Poetry


Lois Dean (written by Sam Poetry)

Yo this that Lois Dean, open scene, of the motion picture, starring the dopest rapper the globe has ever seen, shining like Ben Vereen, rocking Versace, watching Liberace play the ivories with lots of golden rings, without the radio, television, or magazines, or record companies, I be pumping like gasoline, 7/11 my head is weapon, I think like a smith and wesson, leave rappers in witness protection, this is depression, all these suckers is imitating, originating nothing as if this wasn’t entertainment, music, do not confuse it with these new kids, abusing the music like Tina Turner ‘fore she turnt into Buddhist, who is the greatest rapper, is it 2pac, 2 chains, do not screw up the answer, or get blew out the frame, like a polaroid, this aint no soldier boy, hold it boy, this that chosen underground rapper that just went overboard

(Chorus) Who that? Lois Dean! (3X), y’all know the flow is mean (i’m so supreme)

Before the internet, I use to listen to cassettes, stuff the top with tissue paper, then the kid would press, play and record, and pray to the lord, my tape wouldn’t get ate up like filet mignon before i dubbed my favorite songs, them days are gone, now they making songs, 'bout making it rain on naked ladies in thongs, popping bottles in bars, driving expensive cars, wilding, its not only kendrick lamar that’s spitting hard, thats not a dis, the problem is they trying to stop emcees with knowledge like colleges from accomplishing goals but I’m an optimist, my confidence is higher than the eifle tower is, the power’s in the hands of the people, guess what time it is, time to put a stop to the incompetent rhymes regurgitated on the mic like an esophagus, to say hip hop is dead is so preposterous, cause i just blew a breath of fresh oxygen while rocking this,

(Chorus) Who that? Lois Dean! (3X), y’all know the flow is mean (i’m so supreme)

You beautiful like Lois Dean, blowing up the scene, like an m16, busting out them skinny jeans, body so dope I should ship you overseas, under palm trees, listen to the ocean breeze, Sam Poetry fresh as can of potpourri, I’m just a dope emcee, glowing like i'm suppose to be, Im like Jodeci- feenin, while I’ve been dreaming, of steaming up yo shower glass while yo iPhone is ringing, don’t answer it, keep handling, this love, you sweet like mandarins, bubbles in the bath tub, you banging like crips and bloods in Los Angeles, my stamina, is going down down, i wanna go down, and imma stay down, and come back up, when you say boy, that’s whats up, ma turn up, lets burn up, all these candles, make love all night on a piano, Beethoven stay stroking like Mozart 'til you doze off, yeah now take yo clothes, lets get it on 'til the morn, your body’s calling, aww my darling, I think I’m falling in love


released March 8, 2014
Written, produced, and recorded by Sam Poetry for Samiah Inc.


all rights reserved



Sam Poetry Cleveland, Ohio

Sam Poetry is an American rapper, producer, and song-writer from Niagara Falls, New York. His music is a blend of 90's hiphop, r&b, and introspective poetry.

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